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Miranda ★★★★★

I have two businesses and one non-prophet. For the last eight years I have been running these businesses and almost closed both because I was so frazzled and I couldn't find anything. I was recommended to Organized Solutions. Not only did they get back with me quickly, we did face time, and were able to discuss my needs in detail. I hired Organized Solutions immediately. Organized Solutions has changed my life.  I now love what I do it is so It is refreshing to wake up every day and know that everything has its place.  I can find things easily now!! Thank you Organized Soltuions! I almost had to close my businesses and because of you I'm able to work for many more years. I highly recommend Marilee and Organized Solutions for all your organizational needs!

Tence ★★★★★

Moving back-and-forth from San Diego to Arizona a person tends to accumulate a lot of things.  We have a blended family and not only were we living in chaos we found it very difficult in a small space to have our own space. I was referred to Organized Solutions to help me find peace and order with my unique living situation. Because I'm very particular of where my things are and how they're placed I could only say thank you Organized Solutions! You have saved my relationship!!!

Kim ★★★★★

I can’t say enough good things about Marilee and her crew.  I was in a time crunch and had to pack my house to stage and sell in one  week.   I called Marilee and she was available  to help me pack.  Little did I know that she also organizes as she packs.

She brought  her crew to my house and started working.  I was so worried about personal things and what they would think, but they were great and very respectful of my things and my feelings. We went through every room and donated so many things I didn’t need or want anymore.  She actually got my husband to sit in a chair with a beverage and went through his stuff showing everything he had piece by piece.  He felt so accomplished after we got rid of so many things he didn’t need.  She then started organizing everything.   Room by room, closet by closet.  Even pictures and what was already in boxes that were never opened.  She then repacked things to how they go together.

Marilee rented a U haul to donate my things and set up disaposal of my donations and garbage.  I literally had nothing to worry about.  She helped me get a reasonable moving company and a handyman.  Whatever I needed she had the solution.

 You would think I was spending a fortune , but Marilee is very competitively priced and it quite affordable. Worth every penny!

The crew each had an area of the house and I just would check in with each person to  tell them what to  keep or go to donation or even trash.   It actually was amazing and painless.  And you really don’t even have to be home while she packs or unpacks you or even while she is organizing.  Her crew Is very honest, caring and understanding of how your family feels during this stressful time.  She is so great at her job that I used her to move me into my rental and finally my forever house. I always call Marilee if I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxiety over my disorganization.  Seeing a beautiful organized closet or pantry is so calming and exciting. 

I highly recommend Marilee to anybody that is overwhelmed, exhausted and tired of chaos in your home or workplace. I thank her for helping through a really stressful time.  I will be calling her again .  She is someone you can call a friend.

Jean ★★★★★

Marilee is a phenomenal organizer with a special talent for loving everyone she works for. She is willing and capable of completing any project presented to her. I would highly recommend Marilee to organize or pack and move anyone from a small apartment to a many room mansion. Marilee is a truly one in a million organizer and has become a very dear friend. If stock were available in Marilee Hixon and her company, I would buy it!

Phil ★★★★★

We saw before and after pictures of what Marilee was doing in Arizona and hired her to come to Colorado to help us with a few projects. 

We have a very large storeroom in our basement. The storeroom was so packed that there was only a small passageway through the storeroom back to the furnace area, which was also pretty well packed with stuff and we could not get to anything. 

I can be a pretty organized person, and I knew that someday, when I had the time. I had been putting it off for a long time. I thought I would be reorganizing it my way, but Marilee had a different plan. I could not believe how she was able to get me to look at each and every box and decided right then what I would keep and what I would purge. I ended up purging so much more than I thought I would. Marilee did not push any decisions on me. She gently encouraged but I made all of the decisions. I was finally able to let go of Boxes and Boxes of old business papers and old tax info that I no longer needed. It was wonderful to work with Marilee. She was patient and very kind. I feel much less anxiety now and I will be hiring Marilee back to help with our upcoming move from Colorado to Arizona.

Julie Humeniuk ★★★★★

Working with Marilee and Becky was amazing! After 2 years of bedrest, a break up, and the pandemic my house was in disarray, to say the least! These ladies came in like the most efficient whirlwind! I'm paralyzed and use a wheelchair so these ladies made accessibility top priority! They included me in the process and I learned so many new techniques to maintain their hard work and tranquility in my home.

Kim Ursini ★★★★★

My experience was wonderful. Not only is Marilee a great organizer but a wonderful person. Her and her crew were always concerned with my well-being. They helped me go through all my things in the house and garage and actually made it fun. My whole family was involved in the organizing. I spent four days with Marilee and her different crew members. My house is beautiful and I wish I would have used her company years ago. It made me love my house more. Now it is ready to sell like a model home. Staged and organized. I highly recommend Marilee and her crew to make your house a model home.

Teri Watkins ★★★★★

I've used Organized Solutions for the past 2 years to help de-clutter & put my home in order. Marilee is excellent at maximizing use of space. She & her crew are energetic, hard workers; but never judgemental. She listens & pays attention to make sure I'm not overwhelmed by the process. If something doesn't work for me, Marilee suggests new ideas to improve or simplify my life. I can say "no"to it, too. It's nice to know ultimately, I'm in control.

Tiffany Oliphant ★★★★★

Marilee and her team were amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with! They were super friendly and very efficient. I had done a lot of purging before hand but they helped me work through some additional purging to fit my space. They had so many storage ideas that I would never have even thought of, and they left plenty of space for my family to grow into. Marilee really listened to what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her and her team!

Sara Hillman ★★★★★

Marilee was a dream come true for us. My mom was moving in with our family in another state and we couldn't be there to manage the move. On top of that, we needed to pack and move some of her stuff to storage, pack and move some of her stuff to another state and donate the remainder. Marilee listened to my mom's wishes and did a great job to make sure that everything went smoothly. She was in charge of the packers and movers and was in communication with us via phone, email and text about each step. On top of that, she is very kind and patient. I recommend her highly.

Alice Daer ★★★★★

Marilee and her assistant Becky are total pros. I had a massive Arizona room that was a storage place for a decade’s worth of clutter. We went through the whole thing and cleaned it out in less than 4 hours! They were incredible. Worth every penny because I got my sanity back. They were great with my kids, too, and respected COVID safety precautions with ease. I have rarely been this impressed with a service provider and have already re-booked them to do every room in my house as I prep for a whole-home remodel. It feels amazing to not have to be alone in this venture!

Myranda Molina ★★★★★

Thus company has changed my life forever!!! They come in the owner and sometimes one or two lovely gals, they hear your needs, wants and concerns!!! They listen and move fast and are so efficient! They care!!!! It’s insane I save so much time now that my home is organized!! I was one of those that did not thing I needed it!! When it was complete I hugged the owner Maralee and cried!!! Even my kids love it!!! I can’t recommend them enough!!!!!! Best company I have ever used!!!! I feel so lucky to have had her company get referred to me!!! Thank you!!! And don’t wait call them today!!

Pat Rousseau ★★★★★

Things had gotten out of hand in our master closet. Clothes and STUFF were everywhere. Marilee did what I thought couldn't be done; she tossed and organized to the point where the closet look beautiful and works perfectly. We were so pleased with Marilee's work that we hired her to come back and work her magic on our pantry. She's wonderful

Noelle Ray ★★★★★

Really great experience. Marilee works extremely hard and has fresh new ideas that not only help you get organized once but help to keep you organized long-term. She organized my entire food storage room which was a huge job. I couldn't use it before she helps me organize it. Thanks Marilee!

Jennie Miller ★★★★★

Marilee helped organized my parents’ apartment when they downsized. She has a great eye for maximizing their smaller space and really cared about making their new home easy for them to navigate.

Brit L'Amour ★★★★★

Marilee is the most professional & caring person! Her help and organizational systems that she’s created for me have been a game changer for me!!

Permelia Lucia ★★★★★

I could rate (& would give more Stars!!!) because they helped me find & organize all my passwords!!! So Happy to have it All together & findable! Also, I needed a purge & they were there to help & support in Love! Life hits & when you need support to let go of stuff - this is the best value this widow could give to herself, outside of counseling!!! Don’t wait, just give yourself the space to let them help & support you to create a happier & healthier space!!!

Darin Ray ★★★★★

Organized Solutions did what I thought was the impossible! My parents had to downsize and my dad is a hoarder. She systematically worked him through being overwhelmed and letting go of things systematically. A master of her trade.

Paula Hansen ★★★★★

My experience was wonderful. Not only is Marilee a great organizer but a wonderful person, she is an angel..Her and her crew were always concerned with my well-being. They helped me go through all my things in the house and actually made it fun. My family was involved in the organizing. I spent two days with Marilee and her crew members. My house is beautiful and I wish I would have known about her company years ago. It made me love my house more. Now it looks like a model home. Staged and organized. I highly recommend Marilee and her crew to make your house a model home.

Karen Matthews ★★★★★

This team is amazing! They helped with organizing our family room, home office, living room and Walk-In Closet. Thank you so much Marilee.

Tyler Teasdale ★★★★★

Amazing. Amazing. Organized solutions went the extra mile. We are so grateful for the organizers and all that they offer. Very skilled and efficient! Five stars!

eChazen Designs ★★★★★

Marilee is the best. Very professional and has a very good energy about her work!

Natty G ★★★★★

We are repeat customers. They do a great job!

Marilee moved us a year and a half ago and I am still amazed by her focus, energy and good spirit. She and her team put everything into making sure everything goes just right and on time. Arizona Organized Solutions is exactly that. They find solutions to any problem and they do it in a way that is caring and fun.Read More

Marilee and her team are amazing! She takes the time to give the TLC needed to make it through these stressful, big projects and makes it seem not quite so overwhelming. It’s amazing how they can take such a disaster and create a beautiful, welcoming home!Read More

Organizing and moving the sewing room was made very easy with their help. Very professional and knowledgeable as to what needed to be done!Read More

I highly recommend these professional organizers. Besides being professional and efficient, the team was personable and easy to work with. I discovered them with a google search and they were quick to respond. They helped me tackle my cluttered garage and clear clutter out of my living room. We sorted and purged excess items. They haul away donations and trash. They even take heavy and unwieldy items, so you don’t have to deal with that hassle. The rooms have a calming aura now that they are organized and free of extra stuff. And I am relieved and inspired to keep organized!Read More

I hired her to organize our garage this past year. Their work was IMPRESSIVE and so quick and effective. Highly recommend.Read More

I had considered hiring a professional organizer to help me with my clutter situation over the years several times, but always felt embarrassed that I would have to hire someone to help me do that. Making the decision to go ahead with hiring Marilee was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I just honestly needed help. We had too much stuff for the space we had; the things we didn't use were hidden away in cupboards and the things we used every day were all over our counters. And even thinking about doing this on my own was exhausting. If you know, you know. I really recommend anyone who has a clutter problem hire Marilee. She works with you to find the best solution (and thinks it through with you/for you, which makes it so much easier!) and then she and her crew go to work doing the heavy lifting, even dusting/wiping everything down. If cost is a concern I recommend you reach out to her and discuss. She can help you minimize costs as you need. I can't emphasize enough how life changing this has been. over 6 months later we are still successful with the systems she set up. She made our home a pleasant landing pad for all of us after so many years of stress about clutter.Read More