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Complete Home Organization

The most important element with home organization is purging what you are not using, don’t like, doesn’t fit or does not bring you joy.

After the initial consultation, we will gain an understanding of the big picture. From there we will come prepared with the containers, shelving units of whatever else we have all decided is needed. Then we begin, the 1st and most important step. Purging. We will have you sit in a comfortable chair with your favorite drink and off we go. You will begin to see very quickly how the magic takes place.

With our help, you will become empowered. You will become liberated as you begin to make decisions you would have never made before. We do our best to help you feel loved and supported, but yes…. We go through it all. As we listen to you think through this process we will get to know you and your family dynamics. While this is happening, we are thinking and new systems are being developed. 

After the purging is finished, the rest of the magic begins to take place. You will be able to take a break from this point on, and we will begin to categorize, find homes, created systems, containerize and label all items. Everything will have a home. A place for everything, and the systems will help you keep everything in its place. Even the kiddos.

Get ready for a life changing event!

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