What clients are saying about Arizona Organized Solutions

“I have two businesses and one non-prophet. For the last eight years I have been running these businesses and almost closed both because I was so frazzled and I couldn’t find anything. I was recommended to Organized Solutions. Not only did they get back with me quickly, we did face time, and were able to discuss my needs in detail. I hired Organized Solutions immediately. Organized Solutions has changed my life.  I now love what I do it is so It is refreshing to wake up every day and know that everything has its place.  I can find things easily now!! Thank you Organized Solutions! I almost had to close my businesses and because of you I’m able to work for many more years. I highly recommend Marilee and Organized Solutions for all your organizational needs!”~ Miranda


“Moving back-and-forth from San Diego to Arizona a person tends to accumulate a lot of things.  We have a blended family and not only were we living in chaos we found it very difficult in a small space to have our own space. I was referred to Organized Solutions to help me find peace and order with my unique living situation. Because I’m very particular of where my things are and how they’re placed I could only say thank you Organized Solutions! You have saved my relationship!!!” ~Tence


“Organized Solutions is a life saver!!! My husband and I are clean and organized people, but we recently moved into a tiny apartment! There was absolutely no room for anything. It didn’t take long for me to start to feel major anxiety from the lack of organization and cleanliness of our home. It got so bad that it started to impact me emotionally/mentally and I literally could not focus during the day! After having Marilee come help us organize our home, we were able to effectively organize everything in a productive and affordable manner. I literally was shocked by the difference it made in not only our home, but in our daily productivity and our mental and emotional well-being!! I am so much happier and more motivated now!! Marilee was completely aware of our needs, made everything fun, and is an expert in her field. She was very productive too and a great teacher, full of value, and the hardest worker I know!” ~Brittany